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A Member may call for a reservation 60 days in advance of the date you wish to check-in. Check-in is at 2:00 pm, and Check-out is at 12:00 pm. A reservation consists of a stay from one to seven days.  Each membership may have two reservations at a time.  You may stay a total of 14 consecutive days and then, in order to give others a chance to also enjoy the park, you will be required to leave the RV Park for seven days.  Those members who own two memberships may not have more than two reservations for the same dates.

**There will be NO water hookups or satellite until May 1st, 2017 (weather permitting).

If you would like to bring a guest with you, you may call on the check-in date to see if there are any spots available.  If there is a spot available the reservation will be made and a fee will be required.  The reservation desk will be able to tell you the amount of the fee per pad, per night.  The Member who made the guest reservation must be present at all times.


Members of the general public are not allowed to make reservations in the RV Park.  We would invite anyone who is interested in staying at our RV Park to explore the privileges of being a member at East Canyon Resort.