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Condo Rentals

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The Condos at East Canyon may be reserved one year in advance and regular time may be split into smaller stays. In order to give everyone a chance to enjoy summer and winter reservations at the resort, we require that you only use half of your days in the summer and the other half in the winter. You can decide to split your regular time up as much as you wish, but if you decide to split your time into more than two reservations there will be an additional “cleaning fee”. Your yearly maintenance fee will cover the first two reservation cleanings, but any additional time spent at the condo will require an extra cleaning fee per reservation. Please check with the reservation desk for the amount of the cleaning fee.

East Canyon runs the reservation system based on our fiscal year which is April 1st through March 31st. Our summer season is May 15th through September 15th and the winter season is April 1st through May 14th as well as September 16th through March 31st.

Condo Bonus Time:  Members are welcome to enjoy bonus time in the condos, based on availability, and may call in 21 days in advance of the date you wish to check-in. You cannot give away bonus time so the reservation must be used by the member or the relative rights member and you must be present at all times during the reservation.

Guests Using Your Regular Time:  A member may let a guest use their regular condo time. Guests using your condo time need to have their name placed on your reservation. You will need to sign your confirmation letter informing reservations that someone other than the member will be using your reservation. The guest will need to have a photo ID that matches the name on the confirmation letter at the time of check-in. Any guest may use all of the Amenities of the resort, but the Member must be present on the ATV trails and at the Shooting Range and Archery Range.

General Public Reservations:  The general public may rent the condos, based on availability, and may call 21 days in advance of the date they wish to check-in. Prices for such reservations may be obtained at the reservation desk.