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Dear East Canyon Owner:

The timeshare industry continues to be plagued by various “Relief and Rescue” companies and “Vacation Clubs” making various promises to reduce or eliminate maintenance fees or to assist owners in exiting from their timeshare ownership. Sadly, many owners continue to fall victim to these tactics often losing thousands of dollars while continuing to be responsible for past and potentially future maintenance fees.

It has recently come to the attention of your Board of Directors that a “Relief and Rescue” company is communicating with East Canyon Owners. Please be advised that The East Canyon Resort has no affiliation with the “Relief and Rescue” company and has not authorized it, or any other sales company, to contact you regarding reducing or eliminating your maintenance fees, renting out your timeshare, or helping you exit from your East Canyon ownership. Please exercise extreme caution in all dealings with any third party company that contacts you regarding your East Canyon ownership. You should be skeptical of any company that makes such representations.

Your best resource regarding any questions you may have regarding your East Canyon ownership is your East Canyon Membership Services or General Manager Bryce Spere. Please feel free to contact them at (801) 359-9030 with any questions you may have regarding any company that contacts you. The Board also encourages you to review the Consumer Advisories page of the American Resort Development Association at You’ll find helpful hints there that may very well save you thousands of dollars and a tremendous amount of future anguish.

Board of Directors
East Canyon Resort





Several different Membership Classes are offered at East Canyon Resort and there is one that will fit you perfectly. You can choose between a combination of Condo and RV packages or just an RV package. Condo memberships allow stays from 7 to 14 days per fiscal year and our RV usage is unlimited. Financing is available so we can make a membership deal work for you.

Some memberships come with a program that we call Relative Rights. This program will allow the member of record to have a parent or child buy into the program for an annual fee under their names.

With an East Canyon Resort membership you will be able to make condo reservations one year in advance and RV reservations sixty days in advance. This will give you plenty of time to make your family plans. We also have Family Reunion Areas that you can rent up to a year in advance.

If you are interested in trading your East Canyon Resort condo time to a different resort, we are affiliated with RCI and VRI who have condos throughout the United States and internationally.

Any questions you may have regarding purchasing a membership or trading a condo can be answered by the Membership Services department at the Resort. They can give you complete details and can be reached at 801-359-9030 extension 203.



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