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Frequently Asked Questions

For contact information, please call 801-359-9030 and follow the prompts that will direct you to the department you need.

What does a Membership cost?

There are several different classes of Memberships and each one comes with a set number of days and different options. Each Membership is assessed a yearly Maintenance Fee. For more detailed information, please contact our Membership Service Represenative, Jen, at 801-359-9030 extension 203.


What is included in a Membership ?

Memberships are variable. Some include 7-14 days of condo usage per fiscal year, or an option to purchase our Relative Rights Program, or unlimited RV Park usage. You can also trade your condo time through our affiliation with RCI or VRI to use at another resort. Just tell us what you have in mind and we will find a membership that will fit your needs!

How does the Relative Rights Program work and what is the cost ?

With Relative Rights the full Member is allowed to have their parent or child purchase a Relative Rights Membership under their name for an annual fee.  The fee needs to be paid each fiscal year which runs April 1st to March 31st. The Relative Right Member then will be able to use the Resort without the full member being on site and has full access to all of our ammenties.

What amenities do we offer?

East Canyon Resort offers a large variety of amenities for members and guests to use with no extra charge. Phone service depends on your provider, but everyone can enjoy internet service throughout the resort.  The kids love our Mini Golf Course, Shuffleboard, Tennis Courts, Basketball Courts, Volleyball area, Horseshoes, Game Room, Board Games, two Swimming Pools, Hot Tubs, Sauna, Kiddie Pools, Splash Pad, Hiking trails, ATV Trails, Snow Shoeing and Sledding Hills. There is also a laundry room facility for guest use and fire pits for outdoor cooking.  There is never a dull moment at East Canyon resort!


How do I become a Member?

Contact our Membership Service Representative at 801-359-9030 ext. 203.  She will be more than happy to answer all of your questions about getting your own membership.

Can I sell my Membership?

Yes, but there are stipulations on how to do it.  The Board of Directors is given the first right of refusal as stated in our Bylaws, Article 11: Transferability, 2.01.  They will then either buy your membership back from you or give you the release to sell it.  It’s always a good idea to contact our Membership Service Representative and get all the information and forms you need.

Can I transfer my membership to a family member?

Yes.  Contact our Membership Service Represenative for the appropriate paperwork to transfer your membership.  She can be reached at 801-359-9030 ext. 203.

When can I book a condo reservation?

All condo reservations may be booked one year in advance. We require that you split your summer and winter days into two different stays, for instance, if you have ten condo days, you can use five summer days and five winter days, depending on the type of membership you have.

When can I book a RV reservation?

All RV reservations may be booked sixty days in advance. Our RV membership comes with unlimited use.  A reservation consists of one to seven days.  You may only have two reservations on the books at one time. Once one of the reservations has expired, you may then make another reservation.

When can I book a Family Reunion Area?

All Family Reunion Areas may be made up to one year prior to the date of the desired reservation. RV members may also make an RV reservation up to a year in advance for the same period of time provided they have a Family Reunion Area reservation. If the Family Reunion Area reservation is cancelled or changed, the RV reservation will be cancelled and a new RV reservation cannot be made until at least three days has elapsed. Reservations may be made no more frequently than every other year per Membership Unit. After January 2nd, any Member may make a Family Reunion Area reservation for the same calendar year, regardless of when your last reservation was made.

Have Additional Questions

If you have any questions at anytime, please feel free to call East Canyon Resort at 801-359-9030.  Our staff is here to help you with any questions that you may have. We want to make sure that all of your needs and concerns are being met and that you have a relaxing and enjoyable vacation at our Resort.  To keep up with current events and all that is going on at East Canyon Resort, please find us on Facebook and like our page.